Visa Definitions - Thursday, January 1, 2004

Airport Transit Visa:

This visa will allow you to land in one country and then take your connecting flight to your final destination or onwards. Example: A Pakistani passport holder travelling from Asia to Canada via Germany will need an Airport Transit visa for Germany. You cannot go through immigration .

Transit Visa:

This visa will allow you to go through immigration and stay for a short period of time in the country. Example : An Iranian Passport holder travelling to Mexico by way of England will need a Transit visa in England.

Tourist Visa:

This visa will allow you to visit the country for a holiday/vacation.

Business Visa:

This visa will allow you to visit the country and do business.

Work Visa:

This visa will allow you to go to a country and live and work in that country.The requirements generally speaking for all countries are a written invitation/work contract from the company that you will be working for in that country.This work contract /written invitation will need to have been approved by the relevant government ministry or department.

Study Visa:

This visa will allow you to go and study in a foreign country.Generally you will need a confirmed placement in the university,college that you are going to. This will need to be in writing. You will also need to supply financial details to show that you can support yourself during your course.

Spousal Visa:

This is the visa needed to bring your foreign wife/husband back to live with you in your country.There are no general requirements as each country is different. Spousal visas are generally however one of the more difficult and complex visas to get.

Settlement Visas:

This visa is similar to a resident visa. It will allow you to stay in a foreign country for a certain amount of time. Generally speaking settlement visas are issued to people who wish after a certain amount of time to change their nationality to the country in which they now live. Example. Vietnamese to America /Australia after a fixed amount of time will be eligible to become a US or Australian citizen.

These visas are generally the most difficult to get as the requirements and forms are numerous and complex.

Other Visa types:

The above are the main visa types. If you do not see the visa type that pertains to you email us and we will send you an explanation and information.