Country:   Jersey
Capital:   Saint Helier
AreaSqKm:   116
Population:   90,812
Region:   EUR
Continent:   EU
tld:   .je
CurrencyCode:   GBP
CurrencyName:   Pound
Phone:   -1490
Languages:   en pt
neighbours:   :
Time Zone:   GMT (March-October +1)
Description:   The Channel Islands are a group of Islands situated off the coast of France. They have been part of the United Kingdom since 1066. Although defence, foreign affairs are controlled by the UK the day to day running of the islands are left to the individual state governments. Jersey is the largest and most famous of the four main islands. It is the home of the Jersey Cow, Jersey new potato and of the world renowned Jersey Zoo. Guernsey is the second largest , Alderney the third and Sark the smallest. Sark does not allow any cars unto the island and as such it is very peaceful. Apart from holidaying in the Channel Islands, Jersey and Guernsey nowadays are best known as excellent offshore financial centres. Many of the worlds largest banks and financial companies have offices in either Jersey and Guernsey. This is because of their very favourable tax regimes. For further information, about the islands please see the links below and if you are looking to set up an offshore company, bank accounts please go the official state sites for Jersey, Guernsey and Alderney.
Useful Links: This is the official web site for the state of Jersey. Excellent site with good auxiliary links to everything you would need to know about Jersey. This is the official web site for the Jersey Tourism board. Good site with a very useful home page that request where you are coming from.

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