Country:   Bolivia
Capital:   La Paz
AreaSqKm:   1,098,580
Population:   9,947,418
Region:   SAM
Continent:   SA
tld:   .bo
CurrencyCode:   BOB
CurrencyName:   Boliviano
Phone:   591
Languages:   es-BO qu ay en-ZZ
neighbours:   PE:CL:PY:BR:AR
Time Zone:   GMT-4
Description:   Bolivia is a land locked country in South America. It has the highest capital city in the world in La Paz. There are many ancient Indian temples and ruins which are well worth a visit. We would recommend that you take your time if you will be planning to go to the higher parts of the country (5900 m -12,000 ft) as if you are not used to the high altitude you can get very sick. If you look at the links below they will be able to best advise you as to how to acclimatise to the altitude.
Useful Links: This is the official website for the Bolivian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Please select Servicios, then Servicios Consulares and then select Visas. All in Spanish but easy to understand. This is the english version of the offiical website for the Bolivian Ministry of Tourism. Reasonable site with adequate information and easy enough to navigate.

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