Country:   Bahamas
Capital:   Nassau
AreaSqKm:   13,940
Population:   301,790
Region:   CAR
Continent:   NA
tld:   .bs
CurrencyCode:   BSD
CurrencyName:   Dollar
Phone:   -241
Languages:   en-BS
neighbours:   :
Time Zone:   -5
Description:   The Bahamas are the nearest of the Caribbean Islands to the mainland of the U.S.A. Of all the British and former British Caribbean islands, The Bahamas have taken all the good virtues from the U.K and have modified and improved upon them. They have excellent infrastructure and are relatively crime free. Due to their location, they are a prime tourist destination.
Useful Links: This is the official web site for the Bahamas Tourism Board A very detailed yet to easy to use site. One of the best tourism sites of the Caribbean. This is the direct link to the visa section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs web site.

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