Country:   Panama
Capital:   Panama City
AreaSqKm:   78,200
Population:   3,410,676
Region:   CAM
Continent:   NA
tld:   .pa
CurrencyCode:   PAB
CurrencyName:   Balboa
Phone:   507
Languages:   es-PA en
neighbours:   CR:CO
Time Zone:   GMT-5
Description:   Panama is a delightful country to visit. It is home to the Panama Canal, one of the world’s greatest engineering accomplishments, which goes from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans. As such it is therefore a great journey to follow the canal from the Pacific to the Atlantic. Apart from the canal there are a good selection of old colonial forts and buildings and good beaches as well.
Useful Links: This is the official web site for the Panamanian Tourist Board. Excellent site with plenty of good advice and information about the country. Also contains excellent links to government and other institutions. This is the main site of the Institute of Tourism. The above link is visa specific. It is in Spanish.
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