Country:   Yemen
Capital:   San‘a’
AreaSqKm:   527,970
Population:   23,495,361
Region:   WAS
Continent:   AS
tld:   .ye
CurrencyCode:   YER
CurrencyName:   Rial
Phone:   967
Languages:   ar-YE en-ZZ
neighbours:   SA:OM
Time Zone:   GMT+3
Description:   Yemen is situated on the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsular opposite Djibouti, Eritrea, Somaliland and Somalia. It controls access to the Gulf of Aden (which South Yemen used to be called) which is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. Modern day Yemen was once the home of the Queen of Sheba and there are ancient ruins going back to about 500 B.C. It has a coastline with the Red Sea and with the Indian Ocean.
Useful Links: This is the official website of the Yemen Tourism Board. It is a well laid out and informative site.Has everything you need to know about Yemen. This is the official web site for the Yemeni Embassy in the UK. The Embassy also provides an excellent source of additional links to Yemen.

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