Country:   Vanuatu
Capital:   Port Vila
AreaSqKm:   12,200
Population:   221,552
Region:   OCA
Continent:   OC
tld:   .vu
CurrencyCode:   VUV
CurrencyName:   Vatu
Phone:   678
Languages:   bi en-VU fr-VU
neighbours:   :
Time Zone:   GMT +11
Description:   Vanuatu is a chain of islands in the South Pacific. In former times it was called the New Hebrides and only became known as Vanuatu in the early 1980‘s. One of its main claims to fame is that it is home to the original Bungee jump performed as a rite of passage by young men on Pentecost Island. It has a reasonably good infrastructure and good dive sites.It is probably bet known as one of the locations for the reality tv series ,Survivor.
Useful Links: This is the official web site for the Vanuatuan government. It contains useful links to everything about the country. This is the official web site for the Vanuatu Tourism Board. It provides a comprehensive list of everything you need to know about visiting the islands.One of the better Pacific Island tourism websites.

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