Country:   Thailand
Capital:   Bangkok
AreaSqKm:   514,000
Population:   67,089,500
Region:   SEA
Continent:   AS
tld:   .th
CurrencyCode:   THB
CurrencyName:   Baht
Phone:   66
Languages:   th en
neighbours:   LA:MM:KH:MY
Time Zone:   GMT+7
Description:   Thailand has many claims to fame one of the more interesting being that His Highness The King Rama 9th is the World’s longest ruling head of state ( 60 years ).They also were one of the very few countries never to be colonised by the European nations. Nowadays however they are renowned for their good beaches, culture, golf, medical facilities and wild night life in Bangkok and Pattaya. If you want to sample Asia but enjoy the comforts of home then Thailand has everything for you. However a note of caution please do be careful if you will be travelling and or staying in the far south of the kingdom due to the insecurity in the area.
Useful Links: This is the official site for the Tourism department of Thailand. Excellent site with everything that you want to know about Thailand. The site is multi lingual and also contains links to very good hotel booking sites. This is the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs web site and contains a comprehensive list of all visa requirements and exemptions. Full list of foreign embassies in Thailand as well as Thai embassies overseas .

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