Country:   Paraguay
Capital:   Asunción
AreaSqKm:   406,750
Population:   6,375,830
Region:   SAM
Continent:   SA
tld:   .py
CurrencyCode:   PYG
CurrencyName:   Guarani
Phone:   595
Languages:   es-PY gn en-ZZ
neighbours:   BO:BR:AR
Time Zone:   GMT-4
Description:   Paraguay is a landlocked South American Country. It shares borders with Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil. It is a mountainous country. It has a reasonable range of eco tourism sites and some good old Indian ruins.
Useful Links: This is the official web site for the Paraguayan Tourism Board. It appears to be very detailed and provides excellent links to hotels, internal flights, restaurants, history etc. We say appears to be as the whole site is in Spanish.It does not appear to have any other links to other langauges. It is difficult to navigate. One of our least favourite official tourism websites in the world. This is the official website of the Paraguyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs . In English and Spanish . This is a good site well laid out, easy to navigate and very informative. Has a list of all visa requirements.Also all Paraguyan Embassies overseas as well as those of foreign nations to Paraguay.

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