Country:   Nicaragua
Capital:   Managua
AreaSqKm:   129,494
Population:   5,995,928
Region:   CAM
Continent:   NA
tld:   .ni
CurrencyCode:   NIO
CurrencyName:   Cordoba
Phone:   505
Languages:   es-NI en
neighbours:   CR:HN
Time Zone:   GMT-6
Description:   Nicaragua is located in the central Americas the thin stretch of land between the USA and South America. It is semi tropical and prone to floods and landslides depending upon when you travel. It like its neighbours has a reasonably well established eco tourism set up.
Useful Links: This is the official web site for the Nicaraguan Tourist Board and provides good information about everything you need to know about Nicaragua.Available in English, French, German ,Italian and Spanish. The official website for the Nicaraguan Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Good and detailed website. Lists all Nicaraguan embassies overseas as well as those of foreign countries in Nicaragua.Good visa information .

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