North Korea
North Korea
Country:   North Korea
Capital:   Pyongyang
AreaSqKm:   120,540
Population:   22,912,177
Continent:   AS
tld:   .kp
CurrencyCode:   KPW
CurrencyName:   Won
Phone:   850
Languages:   ko-KP en-ZZ
neighbours:   CN:KR:RU
Time Zone:   GMT+9
Description:   This enigmatic country which in recent times has been greatly maligned is in fact a gem of a tourist destination. If you are tired of the normal beach and city experience and fancy something completely different then this would be your best bet. There are many wonderful old temples and castles and even the modern architecture has its own merits. All tourists require a visa and will travel through from the South.
Useful Links: This is the tourism section of the Official government web site for North Korea. If English is not your first language please go to and after a couple of pages you will come to the main menu which has a choice of languages to choose from. It is a very interesting site.

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