Country:   Israel
Capital:   Jerusalem
AreaSqKm:   20,770
Population:   7,353,985
Region:   WAS
Continent:   AS
tld:   .il
CurrencyCode:   ILS
CurrencyName:   Shekel
Phone:   972
Languages:   he ar-IL en-IL
neighbours:   SY:JO:LB:EG:PS
Time Zone:   GMT +2 (March-October +3)
Description:   Israel is located in the Middle East surrounded by Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. Although primarily located on the Mediterranean coast it does have a port on the Gulf of Ababa ( or the Gulf of Eilat ).Israel has some excellent beaches at Eilat and the beautiful Sinai mountain range apart from all the biblical places. Eilat is next to Aqaba in Jordan and is very close to Egypt as well. Eilat is good beach resort.
Useful Links: This is the official web site for the Israeli Tourism Board. This site is the North American site. Please on the homepage select your country from the scroll down list. It is informative and provides good information about all that Israel has to offer. This is the direct link to the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The link above will take you to the Israeli overseas Embassies and Consulates. Please select your own country using the first letter of your country’s name. They will be able to explain whether you need a visa or not and if so what the requirements and or costs are. It will also tell you which Israeli Embassy is responsible for issuing the visas for you.

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