Country:   Honduras
Capital:   Tegucigalpa
AreaSqKm:   112,090
Population:   7,989,415
Region:   CAM
Continent:   NA
tld:   .hn
CurrencyCode:   HNL
CurrencyName:   Lempira
Phone:   504
Languages:   es-HN en-ZZ
neighbours:   GT:NI:SV
Time Zone:   GMT-6
Description:   Honduras is located in the central Americas. It borders the Caribbean Sea and as such has some fine beaches.
Useful Links:   http://www.letsgohonduras.com/ This is the official web site for the Honduran Tourist Board. They provide a good selection of information about the country and the destinations on offer. Very detailed Visa site. http://www.sre.hn/ This is the official website for the Honduran Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Complete list of all Honduran embassies, consulates worlwide as well as those of foreign countries to Honduras. In Spanish. http://www.hondurasemb.org/ The official website for the Honduran Embassy in the USA. Good site, very informative with excellent additional links.

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