Country:   Guatemala
Capital:   Guatemala City
AreaSqKm:   108,890
Population:   13,550,440
Region:   CAM
Continent:   NA
tld:   .gt
CurrencyCode:   GTQ
CurrencyName:   Quetzal
Phone:   502
Languages:   es-GT en-ZZ
neighbours:   MX:HN:BZ:SV
Time Zone:   GMT-6
Description:   Guatemala in Central America is home to some of the best Mayan ruins in the world. There have been people living in modern day Guatemala for at least 2 000 years. If you are into ancient history then this country is well worth a visit.
Useful Links: The official website for the Guatemalan Tourism Board. Available in Spanish and English. Good site, helpful info and easy to navigate. This is the official site for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The above link will take you directly to the Visa section. This is split into 3 categories. Visa exempt, visa from the consulate /embassy and then finally a referral visa to the Immigration department in Guatemala. In Spanish .

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