About Us - Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Allvisainfo.com is a visa information service providing a comprehensive guide to all relevant visa information for all nationalities and countries of the world.

Allvisainfo.com was created to alleviate the stress of finding updated and current visa regulations applicable to all citizens of the world that wish to travel from one county to another. There are currently no other sites that provide this service to the same level of accuracy as we do.

We aim to make global travel easier for all citizens. By visiting our web site and answering a few simple questions they will have an answer quickly as to the complexities or not of travelling to their destination.

Our market is to everyone who travels. Be they individuals or large multi national companies. If you travel and want peace of mind as to exactly what type of visa you need then we supply the answer in a quick and efficient manner.

The Global travel industry as a whole is the largest industry in the world. In 2004 there were over 1 billion  overseas trips made. The figure will continue to increase. Global internet access is becoming more widespread therefore enabling more people to access our site.

Our main strength and competency is our size and background. We are small but highly service orientated and if we say we will reply within 24 hours then we will.

Allvisainfo.com provides specific visa information and or links to find the information for all types of visas from Airport Transit visas to 1 month single entry visa to spousal and settlement visas. We provide the information for all citizens of the world so for example if an Albanian wished to work in Andorra on a business visa what must he/she do.

We do not provide or issue visas what we do is simply inform the client exactly what the requirements are and then suggest where they should go to get the visa if needed. Our information is updated on a weekly basis each Saturday to ensure that the information is accurate. In the event of unforeseen circumstances the visa information would be updated the same day.