Faroe Islands
Faroe Islands
Country:   Faroe Islands
Capital:   Tórshavn
AreaSqKm:   1,399
Population:   48,228
Region:   EUR
Continent:   EU
tld:   .fo
CurrencyCode:   DKK
CurrencyName:   Krone
Phone:   298
Languages:   fo da-FO en-ZZ
neighbours:   :
Time Zone:   GMT (March –October +1).
Description:   The Faeroe Islands are situated in the Atlantic Ocean close to the Shetland Islands. They are an ornithologist’s delight with numerous species of birds nesting amongst the spectacular cliffs that form the Islands.
Useful Links:   http://www.visit-faroeislands.com/ This is the official web site for the Tourism Board of the Faeroe Islands. Excellent website very informative and easy to navigate. http://www.tinganes.fo/Default.asp This is the official website for the Primie Minister of the Faroe Islands. Nice site.

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