Country:   Dominica
Capital:   Roseau
AreaSqKm:   754
Population:   72,813
Region:   CAR
Continent:   NA
tld:   .dm
CurrencyCode:   XCD
CurrencyName:   Dollar
Phone:   -766
Languages:   en-DM
neighbours:   :
Time Zone:   GMT-4
Description:   The Commonwealth of Dominica is a relatively mountainous island in the East Caribbean. It has an abundance of flora and fauna and is rightly dubbed as the “Nature Island“
Useful Links: This is the official web site of the Dominican Tourism Board. It provides a comprehensive guide to all that you would need to know about Dominica. This is the official website for the government of Dominica. The above link goes directly to the page with the email addresses of all govt ministers.

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