Country:   Colombia
Capital:   Bogotá
AreaSqKm:   1,138,910
Population:   44,205,293
Region:   SAM
Continent:   SA
tld:   .co
CurrencyCode:   COP
CurrencyName:   Peso
Phone:   57
Languages:   es-CO en-ZZ
neighbours:   EC:PE:PA:BR:VE
Time Zone:   GMT-5
Description:   Colombia is situated in South America and has arguably the best location of all the South American Countries as it has a Pacific coastline as well as a Caribbean Sea coastline. As the country is so diverse there should be something for everyone.
Useful Links: This is the official website for the Columbian Tourism Board. Available in 4 languages. Nicxe site easy to naviage and informative. This is the main web site for the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It has a list of all foreign consulates and embassies in Colombia and also all Colombian Embassies /Consulates worldwide. Good visa information as well. Nice site in Spanish.

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