Country:   Australia
Capital:   Canberra
AreaSqKm:   7,686,850
Population:   21,515,754
Region:   OCA
Continent:   OC
tld:   .au
CurrencyCode:   AUD
CurrencyName:   Dollar
Phone:   61
Languages:   en-AU
neighbours:   :
Time Zone:   GMT+8-10 depending where you visit.
Description:   Australia is a very large island in the South Pacific. The home of Ayers Rock, the Melbourne Cup, kangaroos and koala bears. Australia has something for everyone. Please see the links below for more in depth information about this great country.
Useful Links:   Useful web sites: This the official tourist site for Australia and has a wealth of information in regards to all aspects of tourism in Australia (hotels, restaurants, etc) and general information and links to all things Australian. This is the official web site of the Immigration Department .It provides a comprehensive and easy to follow instructions about all visa regulations for entering Australia. It provides the requisite forms to apply on line in numerous different languages as well as English. Everything that you need to know is on the site. This is a specific site developed by the Immigration department to provide short term visas on line to specific countries. If you visit the site it will tell you if you are eligible to apply or not. This is the official website for the Australian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It has a full list of all Australian embassies overseas as well as a full list of foireign embassies in Australia. Good site.

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