Country:   Zimbabwe
Capital:   Harare
AreaSqKm:   390,580
Population:   11,651,858
Region:   AFR
Continent:   AF
tld:   .zw
CurrencyCode:   ZWL
CurrencyName:   Dollar
Phone:   263
Languages:   en-ZW sn nr nd
neighbours:   ZA:MZ:BW:ZM
Time Zone:   GMT+2
Description:   Zimbabwe is located in southern Africa and shares its borders with South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Mozambique.We rarely make any comments about a countries political status and or leaders as we do not live in those countries it is unfair for us to pass comment. However, we know quite a few people from Zimbabwe both black and white who have been forced to leave due to the actions of President Mugabe.He has managed to successfully ruin what is a beautiful and was a rich country.
Useful Links:   http://www.zimbabwetourism.co.zw/defaulta.htm This is the offical web site for the Zimbabwe tourism Board. It is one of the best web sites that we have found amongst the African countries. It provides detailed information about everything to do with Zimbabwe. It also has an excellent Visa section: http://www.zimfa.gov.zw/ The official website for the Zimbabwian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.Lists all its embassies overseas. OK site.

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