Country:   Zambia
Capital:   Lusaka
AreaSqKm:   752,614
Population:   13,460,305
Region:   AFR
Continent:   AF
tld:   .zm
CurrencyCode:   ZMK
CurrencyName:   Kwacha
Phone:   260
Languages:   en-ZM bem loz lun lue ny toi
neighbours:   ZW:TZ:MZ:CD:NA:MW:AO
Time Zone:   GMT+2
Description:   Zambia is located in Southern Africa and is between Angola, Zaire, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. As African nations go, it is relatively rich and stable. Its tourism infrastructure is very good and its business infrastructure is good. It is a good country to visit and is relatively safe.
Useful Links: This is the official web site for the Zambian Tourism Board. It is one of the best sites that we have come across in not only Africa but also anywhere. It provides detailed information about all aspects of Zambia and contains very good visa information and links.

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