Country:   Uganda
Capital:   Kampala
AreaSqKm:   236,040
Population:   33,398,682
Region:   AFR
Continent:   AF
tld:   .ug
CurrencyCode:   UGX
CurrencyName:   Shilling
Phone:   256
Languages:   en-UG lg sw ar
neighbours:   TZ:KE:SD:CD:RW
Time Zone:   GMT+3
Description:   Uganda is a small landlocked country in central East Africa. Although it is landlocked it does border the magnificent Lake Victoria the largest lake in Africa and home of the world famous Victoria waterfall. It is a stable and safe African country and is a prosperous country. It is a good country to consider investing and also has good tourism destinations and facilities.
Useful Links: This is the home page of the official web site for the Ugandan Tourism Board. It provides comprehensive information about all aspects of travel and tourism in Uganda. It is one of our top 5 African travel sites and because of its superb lay out (it is one of the easiest web sites to use anywhere) it is in our top 10 global travel sites. This is the official web site for the Ugandan Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is an extremely good and detailed site with everything that you would need to know about visas. Full list of Ugandan embassies overseas as well as those of foreign nations to Uganda.

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