Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia
Country:   Saudi Arabia
Capital:   Riyadh
AreaSqKm:   1,960,582
Population:   25,731,776
Region:   WAS
Continent:   AS
tld:   .sa
CurrencyCode:   SAR
CurrencyName:   Rial
Phone:   966
Languages:   ar-SA en-ZZ
neighbours:   QA:OM:IQ:YE:JO:AE:KW
Time Zone:   GMT+3
Description:   Saudi Arabia is located in the Middle East and constitutes about 80% of the Arabian peninsular. Although it is a vast size, the population of 25 million reflects that in fact large tracts of the country are uninhabitable. It has a very long history and is home to Mecca the holiest site in the Islam world.
Useful Links: This is the official web site for the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is a good detailed site.Good visa information. Full list of Saudi embassies overseas as well as those of foreign nations to Saudi. This is the Saudi Information centre (based in the U. K). It provides complete information about everything to do with Saudi Arabia. It is easy to navigate and very informative.

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