Country:   Peru
Capital:   Lima
AreaSqKm:   1,285,220
Population:   29,907,003
Region:   SAM
Continent:   SA
tld:   .pe
CurrencyCode:   PEN
CurrencyName:   Sol
Phone:   51
Languages:   es-PE qu ay en-ZZ
neighbours:   EC:CL:BO:BR:CO
Time Zone:   GMT-5
Description:   Peru is famous for both the Andes which dominate the country and also as being home to Paddington Bear. The country is located on the Pacific side of South America and as such has some excellent beaches. It has a very good selection of ancient Indian temples and structures.
Useful Links: This is a multi lingual site for the official tourism board of Peru. It provides good in depth information about all aspects of Peru from hotels, tours and history to restaurants, bars etc. Good site. Good visa infomation as well. This is the official web site for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Peru. It has a list of visa exempt countries and also a list of all Peruvian Embassies and Consulates worldwide and foreign Embassies /Consulates in Peru. Good site but all in Spanish.

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