Country:   Liechtenstein
Capital:   Vaduz
AreaSqKm:   160
Population:   35,000
Region:   EUR
Continent:   EU
tld:   .li
CurrencyCode:   CHF
CurrencyName:   Franc
Phone:   423
Languages:   de-LI en-ZZ
neighbours:   CH:AT
Time Zone:   GMT+2
Description:   Liechtenstein is a small landlocked Alpine principality nestled between Austria and Switzerland. It is a mountainous country with just under 25% of the available land being used for farming. Its main claim to fame is that of being a leading offshore financial centre and also its stamps.
Useful Links:   Useful web sites are Official website for the Liechtenstein Tourism Board. In English and German. Good site with plenty of useful information. The offical government website for Liechtenstein. Available in several other languages as well . Good and detailed site.

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