Country:   Italy
Capital:   Rome
AreaSqKm:   301,230
Population:   60,340,328
Region:   EUR
Continent:   EU
tld:   .it
CurrencyCode:   EUR
CurrencyName:   Euro
Phone:   39
Languages:   it-IT de-IT fr-IT sc ca co sl en-ZZ
neighbours:   CH:VA:SI:SM:FR:AT
Time Zone:   GMT +1 (March-October +2)
Description:   Italy is in Southern Europe. The land that gave us the Romans and as such Latin the foundation of the English, French, Spanish and Italian languages has much more to offer than an almost overabundance of ancient ruins. From the idyllic Tuscan countryside to the ultra chic Milan Italy has something for everyone Please if possible tour the whole country as the North is rich whereas the South is still very much a rural society with village life little changed in centuries.
Useful Links: This is the official web site for the Italian Tourist Board. Please select your preferred language if available and then enter. There maybe special promotionsd from your home country or region. Good detailed site. This is the direct link to the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs visa section. Best site of all the Schengen countries in detailing and explaining about visa requirements. Excellent site.

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