Guinea Bissau
Guinea Bissau
Country:   Guinea-Bissau
Capital:   Bissau
AreaSqKm:   36,120
Population:   1,565,126
Region:   AFR
Continent:   AF
tld:   .gw
CurrencyCode:   XOF
CurrencyName:   Franc
Phone:   245
Languages:   pt-GW pov en-ZZ
neighbours:   SN:GN
Time Zone:   Same as GMT
Description:   Guinea –Bissau is a small republic in West Africa. It is an ex Portuguese colony and one of the smallest and poorest countries on the whole African continent. Unlike most of its neighbours and the majority of African countries it does not have an abundance of natural resources. What little it has is agrarian based. Hopefully with the discovery of large oil reserves in the Gulf of Guinea, Guinea Bissau will be able to get some well deserved and much needed oil revenue.
Useful Links: The official website for the Guinea Bissau Consulate in Luxembourg . Nice site and filled with helpful information

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