Country:   Ghana
Capital:   Accra
AreaSqKm:   239,460
Population:   24,339,838
Region:   AFR
Continent:   AF
tld:   .gh
CurrencyCode:   GHS
CurrencyName:   Cedi
Phone:   233
Languages:   en-GH ak ee tw
neighbours:   CI:TG:BF
Time Zone:   Same as GMT
Description:   Ghana is located in West Africa. It was the first Sub-Saharan African nation to gain independence in 1957 (from the UK). Since that time, it has been by African standards very stable. Great beaches, excellent government it is currently undergoing further reforms to improve the investment climate in Ghana and to improve the welfare of its citizens. It has been many for many years and was reiterated recently a show case African nation. It has a democratically elected prime minister and parliament. Ghanaians are well respected throughout Africa where they have acted as peacekeepers for many years now but also the rest of the world. If you were looking to invest in Africa or simply visit Africa on holiday then Ghana would be in ideal destination. Ghana is one one of our favourite African countries and one of our top 10 in the world.
Useful Links: This is the Ghana High Commission in the UK. It is a good site with excellent visa information and links.Easy to navigate and informative. This is the website for the Ghanian Tourism Board . Excellent and detailed site easy to navigate.

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