Country:   Chile
Capital:   Santiago
AreaSqKm:   756,950
Population:   16,746,491
Region:   SAM
Continent:   SA
tld:   .cl
CurrencyCode:   CLP
CurrencyName:   Peso
Phone:   56
Languages:   es-CL en-ZZ
neighbours:   PE:BO:AR
Time Zone:   GMT-5 (main land) GMT-7 for Easter Island
Description:   Chile is the very long and thin country in South America. It is 4200 km in length but never gets wider than 180 kms. It is a beautiful country with some of the best deserts in the world and the Andes Trail which begins in Chile is an excellent journey passing through stunning and diverse scenery.
Useful Links: This is the official website for the Chilean Tourism Board. Avaialble in English ,Spanish and French. Excellent site , very informative and easy to navigate. Our favourite South American tourism website . This is the main page for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. All in Chilean. Should be able to get the site translated into English or any other language. it is a good site and helpful although not that easy to navigate.

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