Country:   Cameroon
Capital:   Yaoundé
AreaSqKm:   475,440
Population:   19,294,149
Region:   AFR
Continent:   AF
tld:   .cm
CurrencyCode:   XAF
CurrencyName:   Franc
Phone:   237
Languages:   en-CM fr-CM
neighbours:   TD:CF:GA:GQ:CG:NG
Time Zone:   GMT+1
Description:   Cameroon is a mid size country in Central Africa. It is an ex British and ex French colony (this would explain why French is the main language spoken but as it was partly the former British Cameroon it is a member of the Commonwealth).Cameroon’s coast is on the Atlantic Ocean. It is a stable and relatively oil rich state and is home to the highest mountain in Sub Sahara Africa, Mount Cameroon, which is also one of the most volcanic – still active. Cameroon is a good country and has an excellent mix of cultures and languages
Useful Links: This is the website for the Cameroonian Embassy in Holland. Nice and helpful site.

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