Country:   Botswana
Capital:   Gaborone
AreaSqKm:   600,370
Population:   2,029,307
Region:   AFR
Continent:   AF
tld:   .bw
CurrencyCode:   BWP
CurrencyName:   Pula
Phone:   267
Languages:   en-BW tn-BW
neighbours:   ZW:ZA:NA
Time Zone:   GMT +2
Description:   Botswana is a mid size country in Southern Africa. It is an ex British colony. Botswana is one of the most beautiful and stable of all the African countries. It is home of the Kalahari Desert. It has beautiful scenery, an abundance of wild animals and excellent infrastructure. It has excellent international flight connections. As an investor or businessman it is a great destination as it is very stable.
Useful Links: This is the official web site for the Botswana tourism board. It is one of the most comprehensive travel sites that we have found anywhere. It is the best travel site in Africa. It contains complete information about all aspects of Botswana. It is one of our top 10 favourite travel sites anywhere in the world..

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