Country:   Angola
Capital:   Luanda
AreaSqKm:   1,246,700
Population:   13,068,161
Region:   AFR
Continent:   AF
tld:   .ao
CurrencyCode:   AOA
CurrencyName:   Kwanza
Phone:   244
Languages:   pt-AO en-ZZ
neighbours:   CD:NA:ZM:CG
Time Zone:   GMT+1
Description:   Angola is in Southern Africa and is on the Atlantic sea board. It is a country rich in natural resources. It is a beautiful country and the people are trying hard to improve their collective lot. I am very pleased to say that I have had reports back from people who have visited the country and they are impressed. As a tourist there really is not a lot to do and see as a business man /investor then it may well be a good time to go over and see how the land lies. Please see the link below for further information:
Useful Links: This is the official web site for the Angolan Embassy in the UK. It provides good detailed information about the country .

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