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Country:   Andorra
Capital:   Andorra la Vella
AreaSqKm:   468
Population:   84,000
Region:   EUR
Continent:   EU
tld:   .ad
CurrencyCode:   EUR
CurrencyName:   Euro
Phone:   376
Languages:   ca en-ZZ
neighbours:   ES:FR
Time Zone:   GMT +1
Description:   Andorra is a small principality set amidst the Pyrenees Mountains that border France and Spain. Andorra is a beautiful and picturesque principality. Set amidst the stunning Pyrenees mountain range it offers an excellent choice of activities from camping to skiing. They have a good selection of shops. The food and drink is an eclectic mixture of French and Spanish and local Andorran.
Useful Links: This is the official web site for Andorra. It is available in several languages. It provides excellent information about Andorra.
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